About Us

Welcome Home to Better Living

Better Living is a non-medical Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). Our care communities were established over 20 years ago. We offer our specialized attention and services to those who need care due to health issue-physical, mental or both.

  • Small Private Facility. Our care communities are in residential neighborhoods designed to take care of your elderly loved ones who need continuous attention, care and supervision daily.  Our close-knit community caters to the elderly with the same care needs.
  • Privately Owned. Management is devoted to and focused on operating our facility. Constant instruction is given to our caregivers to better care for our family at Better Living.
  • Incomparable Location. Our household showcases a comfortable floor layout including an outside patio where our staff encourages movement and a calming, relaxing fresh breath of air for our residents. This specific location is extremely accessible and simple to reach for any visitors as well.
  • All-Inclusive Boarding Care Fee. At Better Living, we create a stress-free atmosphere where all basic board and care services are covered, and the fee is based on an all-inclusive monthly fee. Hence, the fee is comprised on the base price plus the level of care.
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